A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A forever unfinished stealth horror game about a little girl searching for her lost cat in an otherworldly town inhabited by a strange monster. This was worked on by a team of Senior students from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and the Berklee College of Music. Development happened over the course of 2 semesters and was subsequently discontinued afterwards. It was never optimized, so it won't run well on less powerful computers.

Artists: Nicole Fairchild, Kaelyn Lang, Allen Seckora, Bronson Bero, Travis Listing

Programmers: Shane Yach, Riley Roberts, David King, Jacob Tarnowski, Joe King, Keenan Barber

Composers: Beauman Edwards, Ryan Buss

Business: Jonathan Henk

Process Book


Small Hours (Win) 324 MB
Small Hours (MacOS) 341 MB
Small Hours (Linux) 348 MB